Our Services

Our Pest Control services cover Wasps, Rats, Mice, Birds, Fleas, Flies and Moles throughout Scotland.  No infestation is too large or small for our fast, professional and discreet service.  Our team are fully trained and insured.  We work across Business, Agriculture and Domestic premises.

Don’t let your business fall foul of legislation.   Call us today – let us keep your Scottish Business and Home Safe and Pest Free.

Fast Response for all wasp problems. We safely neutralise and remove the problem. We will also advise on how to avoid the problem in the future

No business or household wants rats.  They are disease-carrying and highly destructive. We use professional equipment and our extensive knowledge to track down and eradicate these wily rodents.

A single mouse can rapidly become an infestation and in their continual quest for food and nesting sites can overrun a property in weeks.  We will professionally and quickly clear your property and keep it clear.

Some species of birds such as Gulls, Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows can cause havoc with their droppings, invasive nesting and anti-social behaviour.  We know how to deter these birds whilst still respecting the law.

Both of these insects and their many cousins are not only highly annoying but are a constant threat to health. Carrying disease from food source to food source as well as causing skin irritations and much more means that professional pest control is the only answer to all-round eradication

Moles tunnel and being solitary creatures are always looking for their own underground space and food source of earthworms.  This constant need to tunnel undermines ground not only causing unsightly earth mounds on pristine lawns and greens but can lead to dangers from ground collapse and resulting injuries to livestock and humans