Wasps Nests

Wasp Nests

Have You Got a Wasps Nest Nearby?

As the days get longer and warmer (we hope) this is the time of year you need to do a quick check around your property, because insects are on the look out for a new home.

First, take a look at the windows and brickwork: can you see wasps taking off and landing? Or there might be a Masonry Bee or Miner Bee?  You won’t want some of them as your new neighbours.


Wasps especially can build and develop colonies that run into the thousands, and are defensive – so prone to sting with little warning. The adult workers are busy all day going back and forward ­– past your open door or window, on those rare Scottish summer days when the sun is shining – collecting food to feed their growing larvae. They bring back all kinds of insects from green fly to small moths.

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