Rodent control food industry

Rodent Control in the Food Industry

We can’t help with a virus, at least not directly, but as we all look towards getting back to a normal working routine. Any business linked to food – growing, transporting, storing, distributing, preparation, or for sale on or off premises – needs to be acutely alert for mice.

With footfall down over a number of weeks and months now… well, you know the saying: when the ‘cats’ been away, the mice have been out to play so now is the time for the food industry to revisit rodent control.

The Food Safety Act 1990 and The General Food Regulations 2004 (as amended) provide the framework for all food legislation in Great Britain. It enforces certain provisions of Regulation (EC) 178/2002 in Scotland and Wales, which means that any business that provides food that is not of the nature or substance or quality demanded by the purchaser, “shall be guilty of an offence”.

That means penalties and repercussions – some that could close your business for good.

So what should you be doing?

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