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How to prevent rat infestations

Here are some easy tips to keep the risk of rat infestations to a minimum.  But do remember rats are intelligent creatures and will find ways around all your best efforts if there is some tasty food and a warm nesting spot on offer.  So, always keep vigilant. Rats will win any limbo dance competition […]

Rodent Control in the Food Industry

We can’t help with a virus, at least not directly, but as we all look towards getting back to a normal working routine. Any business linked to food – growing, transporting, storing, distributing, preparation, or for sale on or off premises – needs to be acutely alert for mice. With footfall down over a number […]

Wasp Nests

Have You Got a Wasps Nest Nearby? As the days get longer and warmer (we hope) this is the time of year you need to do a quick check around your property, because insects are on the look out for a new home. First, take a look at the windows and brickwork: can you see […]